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Comprehensive online database with over 200,000 events on 45,000 commercial passenger and freighter aircraft - JetData


A core quality of JetData is its flexibility. As a result, JetData users can analyse the commercial aircraft fleet at both the macro and micro levels at any point or over any period in time.

The Fleet Snapshot function offers:

The Fleet Analysis function offers:

Any of JetData’s fleet queries can be filtered further as required:

JetData has the ability to allow users to create their own custom reports. Users can interrogate the data, orders and events in any chosen combination to produce truly customised analyses.

The Aircraft Search function allows searches by specific serial number or registration and produces comprehensive report data on that specific aircraft, from utilisation to full history and specification along with indicative values and lease rates.

Any information and statistics in JetData can be aggregated and customised to the users’ needs, and printed or exported into an Excel or PDF format. For increased functionality, users also have the option to save their queries for future iterations, which will display automatically updated data every time such queries are performed.