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Comprehensive online database with over 200,000 events on 45,000 commercial passenger and freighter aircraft - JetData

Fleet Data

JetData gives users the ability to create a chronological picture of the commercial aircraft fleet and its evolution. Data on each of the 45,000+ aircraft contained in the database traces back to the first flight and entry into service date for every aircraft.

JetData records all events that occur over each aircraft’s life:

JetData’s users can search all the aircraft for Event Analysis, within their desired time period by aircraft MSN, operator, or model to gain a historic perspective on the evolution of any commercial aircraft fleet.

Fleet Snapshot and Fleet Analysis present the current status of the commercial aircraft fleet as of today’s date whilst Fleet Orders allows users to analyse the evolution of the market taking aircraft orders and fleet backlog into account. Through Fleet Orders, users can set filters to search for orders, backlog and projected delivery stream. Fleet Orders is a useful tool for business planning, forecasting and anticipation of industry growth, directional change and development. Fleet Orders ensures users have all the data required to make informed decisions.